What is it?

Originally designed to teach children about the “network” of the internet, the Wild Wacky Web™ turned out to be a total blast for kids and adults too. Better yet – it’s a tremendous
warm-up/warm-down workout tool.

Climbing through it fires ankles, knees, hips, core, wrists, elbows, shoulders and neck in non-traditional movement. We seldom stretch and strengthen these joints in an ordinary day (or ordinary workout). In the higher demands of todays sports training and therapy protocols these movements can be beneficial if not required. Best of all using it is pure FUN!

As an attention grabber, it’s also a great tool for trade shows and public events when non-profits or business want to engage the public and have a captive audience for a little while. Occupational and Physical Therapist, PE, Athletic Coaches, Dance Studios, and Health Clubs have all embraced it. We think it might have applications in the party rental market, maybe waiting room furniture, and probably corporate training too. We are working on several versions - including one that will size-down. (See sample.) Let us know what you need. Oh ! and we are making a mini-scale puzzle just so anyone who wants one can have the Icon hanging around.

To order, CLICK HERE, or contact Lane Gainer Sports at 800.443.8946